Two Birthdays of the QUEEN

Two Birthdays of the QUEEN

In many ways, it seems that the Queen of England has a special royal privilege. She celebrates two birthdays each year. Although her actual birthday is on April 21st, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her official birthday on a Saturday in June (the specific Saturday varies from year to year; this year it will be June 11).

This long-standing tradition is due to the fact that the Queen’s official birthday is celebrated with parades and other outdoor festivities that are best suited for summer weather. (For example, King Edward VII celebrated his official birthday in June, despite being born in November, in order to insure good weather for the official Birthday Parade, also known as the Trooping of the Colour Parade.)

The Queen spends her actual birthday privately, with close friends and family. Despite the private celebration, April 21st is still celebrated in public by gun salutes1 in different areas of London, but all occurring at midday. In Hyde Park, they perform 41 gun salutes, at Windsor Great Park, 21 gun salutes, and at the Tower of London, 62 gun salutes. These gun salutes notify the public of their Sovereign Queen’s actual date of birth.

Her Majesty, the Queen, celebrates her official birthday on a Saturday in June. This public celebration includes the amazing Trooping of the Colour Parade, which is a military parade that begins with the Queen’s inspection of the Household Division troops. The Queen then leads the troops down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, oversees gun salutes in Green Park and at the Tower of London, and finally joins members of the Royal Family to watch the Royal Air Force fly past.
In 2016, Her Majesty celebrated her 90th Birthday. She does not intend to abdicate; however, she carries out fewer public engagements. Prince Charles is expected to take on more of her workload.

Janka Něničková